A beautiful way to experience inner peace is to reconnect with our hearts. Drinking sacred cacao in ceremony does exactly that. The spirit of cacao lets us journey into our heart so we can release negativities, reconnect to who we truly are and experience unconditional love, compassion and joy!

On the International Day of Peace on September 21st, Lotte and I are guiding a Cacao & Moon ceremony during the 24 hour Yoga & Meditation Marathon for World Peace at Delight. 

Together with the power of the moon, which is a beautiful time to set intentions, we will tap into the spirit of the cacao and the energy of the new moon to set an intention for this night, the coming moon cycle and world peace!

To connect to the powers of cacao we will let the cacao flow through our bodies by movement and dance where after we will journey inwards on the beat of the drum for profound insights and deep healing ♥

Looking forward to celebrating with you at midnight on the 21st of September 


Lotte & Alixe

Location - Prinseneiland 20G
Time - 04.30 until 06.00
Price - Donation based. Your donation goes to the Amandine Foundation, a foundation that shares tools for inner peace on the field in Afghanistan to create world peace from the inside out.

More information on cacao ceremonies:
An Indigenous Mayan myth tells us that whenever the relationship between humans and nature is out of balance, Cacao comes to reconnect people to their hearts and bring inner and therefore outer peace!

A Cacao ceremony is an ancient sacred ritual. When experienced in a sacred space, cacao connects us to our own healing capabilities for transformation. The cacao spirit is a feminine and powerful teacher, that has been used for centuries for her spiritual and energetic properties. 

Extra information on Cacao
Cacao is a powerful food, meaning it’s especially beneficial for health and well-being. Among its healing properties include:
– Highest naturally occurring source of MAGNESIUM, which is used in brain functions such as concentration and memory
– Highest naturally occurring source of CHROMIUM
– Contains many neurochemicals and neuromodulators whose release create new neural pathways based on joy and connection. Among them are: norepinephrine (joy molecule), serotonin (essential for well-being), dopamine (vital for experiencing pleasure), anandamide (the bliss molecule), and PEA (which renders excitement and attention)
– Contains the alkaloid theobromine, which relaxes blood vessels allowing more blood circulation. Blood flushes the heart and the brain, and nutrients are better absorbed.
– Cacao is BITTER! The bitterness stimulates the liver and serves as a detoxifier, also stimulating a release of emotions.
There are many more positive benefits of cacao, but it’s important to realize that it’s the combination of chemicals functioning together which produces the overall medicinal quality.

21st of September


Delight Yoga

Prinseneiland 20C 

1018 XV Amsterdam

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