Based on ancient wisdom traditions I offer various ceremonies. Ceremonies are a time for healing, connection, and celebration. I offer Cacao ceremonies to open the heart in a sweet gentle manner, Moon ceremonies for women to connect to the power of the moon again and women circles to heal collectively and experience the power of being together with women.

Just like back in the days where the indigenous tribes came together to celebrate the full moon we would like to invite you to this monthly Moon Circle to remember and to bring these beautiful ancient celebrations back into our daily lives.


The full moon is a time to let go of the old, its a time to look inwards and feel your vibrant self sparkle inside. It is a beautiful time to re-connect, share our journeys and awaken our innate wisdom. Are you ready to open your heart and feel the love then come and celebrate around the fire underneath the light of the magical moon.


It is a free flowing program, from letting go on the beat of the drum, to guided visualisation meditation, to releasing and transforming with the power of the fire.


Looking forward to celebrating with you!


We honour the sacred cacao by intention, we journey inwards to receive insights and healing and we sing and dance to experience the joyful spirit of the cacao


We come together with women to feel the support and healing of being with women. We share what is present in our inner world. We use the theme of the moon to connect and experience the power of the moon. We will heal that what is keeping you from being woman. Expect inner journeying, guided meditation, dancing, laughing and any other emotion that is present.