By becoming aware of our true nature I believe we will make conscious choices that benefit all. Now we can live a fulfilled life on a healthy planet"


Did you know that 95% of our thoughts and actions come from our subconscious? We walk the same roads in our brain over and over again without noticing that we do this. This is great when this means that our hearts pump our blood around and that our skin knows how to renew. This is not so great when we keep telling ourselves things that are not serving us like I will never be able to do that, or I need to work hard to be happy.

I am therefore truly passionate to work with the subconscious and healing so we can reconnect with our true nature. When connected to our true nature we can reconnect with our inner wisdom so we know what we truly want in life every step of the way.


Are you not sure why you feel unfulfilled as you have everything in place that 'should' make a person happy? Are you thinking if I just finish this last project, receive another teaching, move to, go to, start with….that will be the solution? Yet you deep down know this will not satisfy your need of actually just being you. Or do you feel completely lost and unsafe experiencing panic attacks, having no energy (to heal), due to burn outs or without any defined reason?


Do you feel the calling to dive deeper into who you really are? Are you searching for more? Do you feel the courage to step up, face your bullshit and take responsibility of your own life?


If your answer is YES, than I invite you to book a 1:1 session, a workshop, join a ceremony or fill in this form for the 3 moon program.


I am truly passionate to guide people to reconnect with their true nature. When connected to your true nature you can reconnect with your inner wisdom so you know what you truly want in life every step of the way.


 I offer shamanic healing sessions with a focus on the cognitive, emotional and energy body.  We will be working with your subconscious to transform what is keeping you from living your true life. And by creating a safe container your self healing capabilities will get activated for you to feel more whole and happy.


"Alixe has shown to be a natural when it comes to healing. I came with some severe mental and physical blockage. She made me feel comfortable and safe. Was very accurate with her diagnose, healed me on the spot and gave me some great tools to maintain this state. Also important to mention is that she has the perfect balance between spirituality and the "real" world. Very grateful to have met this special person."

- Karl

"Alixe weet op een hele liefdevolle en zachte manier je veilig in jezelf te laten voelen waardoor je de diepere lagen in jezelf durft te onderzoeken. IT feels like coming home in jezelf. Ze laat je zien en voelen dat je alles al in je hebt om te zijn wie je wilt zijn en je die kracht uit jezelf kan halen ipv uit anderen. Eternal greatful voor de vriendschap en inzichten die ze mij gegeven heeft."

- Elize

"During my first Moon Ceremony I felt I had been traveling through time, where women would gather and share their knowledge. Alixe created a safe space where we all felt confident enough to let go and share on a different level, feeling the strong emanation of this incredible moon. All helped by the very natural way Alixe guided us through the process, with an impactful drum, chanting and remembering but most of all feeling, feeling the bigger picture around us elevating us up to higher realms and unknown places and spaces. To be repeated."

- Melanie




Reconnect to your true nature // 3 month program

This program is for women that want to step into their true power. Receive tools to stay connected and start allowing to do what you really love. This course helps to trust and let nature do it.

Our thought patterns, insecurities and believes can sometimes take us over. By truly taking the time to go inwards we discover our limiting believes and obstructive patterns. In sisterhood we naturally mirror each other and with the right guidance we can catch our patterns. By acknowledging, embracing and accepting them, we allow space to transform because the pattern will be released – this gives space to be who you really are which is joyful, peaceful and loving.

This program will provide you with the tools to allow transformation.

"The joy of living is already within you."



— Do you feel ready to take the next (big) step but believe something is still holding you back?
— Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by your emotions and loose the connection with the wise woman that you are?
— Do you sometimes feel stuck and don't know what to do anymore?
— Do you experience more stress than freedom or joy in life?
— Do you sometimes feel the power roaring inside but are afraid to fully allow it?

Join this program to Be and share who you really are. To live a happy and fulfilled life.