I love to guide people to transform that what is keeping you from living your true life. I would be honored to guide you to reconnect with your heart. To reconnect with your inner wisdom so you know what you truly want in life.


 I offer shamanic healing sessions with a focus on the cognitive, emotional and energy body. By creating a safe container one’s inner knowing and self healing capacities will get activated. 

Alixe van Ogtrop

"In my offerings I combine the wisdom of the ancient traditions and the cutting leading of the neuro-science"



As a young girl I knew what I wanted. I wanted to make a BIG difference in the world by giving people equal changes to a better life. This started with small things in everyday life, from wanting to be the best lawyer to fight injustice to elevating poverty with Micro Financing platforms. When growing up I hit the wall of todays ‘system’, which defines how everyone is “supposed to be”. I started to conform, overthrowing my dream world and believes.


After my rebellious puberty kicking against all boundaries and authority I conformed and studied International Business, obtained a Masters Degree abroad and started to work for Rocket Internet and Microsoft. Ironically two companies that are completely driven by money and focused on the short term gain. The clash of my personal values and the values of these organizations resulted in my inner light diminishing. I realized later that this is where I had the opportunity to grow. Through experiencing the dark I learned how to find and keep shining my Light! Luckily my ‘healing trainings’ prepared me for this last initiation of truly being free in any situation.


During my Business studies I was so busy with my external world, I gradually got disconnected from my emotions and feelings as a result of a traumatic experience at the age of 18. During a trip to India and Bhutan the universe decided it was the right time for me to receive my cosmic kick, rocking my comfortable world upside down and waking me up to my old ideals. By that time I had deep rooted panic attacks and a fear of just about everything (PTSD). The beauty of this is that when going through the pitch dark you start to search for the light. So I embarked on my healing journey.



The start of an amazing journey;

At the Center of Life and Intuition I received my first teachings that changed my life. I remembered how to work with the flow of energy and visualization techniques to clear filters and programs that were engrained in my system. After 3 years at this institute I obtained my healing degree based on energy work – CLI, Utrecht in the Netherlands, 2011-2014.


My Shamanic Healing training took me on inner journeys where I was guided how to work with the elements of nature, my totem animals and my spirit guides. This connected me to ALL, feeling one with all there is – NEMO, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 2015.


Peru and specifically the Sacred Valley, initiated me into Shamanic healing traditions and reconnected me to the medicine woman within - Leanne Edwards and Meredith, in the Sacred Valley, Peru 2016.


On the magical African Heartlands the water spirits and ancestral realm taught me to trust and surrender - Lion Shaman, Mandaza in Zimbabwe, 2016.


By being in company of the White Lions my heart cracked open to communicate with ALL there is from the animals to the spirits of the trees. This communication happens on a telepathic level - White Lions Trust, Linda Tucker in Timbavati, 2016.


Egypt opened a whole new dimension to me, receiving galactic guidance, walking the ancient sacred spaces where I received deep profound information and insights - Stepping into Self Mastery, Leanne Edwards in Egypt, 2016.

Reiki Tummo level 1,2,3a, kundalini and meditation brought the healing energy of the heart. By connecting with the energy of creation healing takes place and the root cause of suffering is taken out. This is a deep and profound healing method, bringing love, joy and ease into ones life. And I am happy to share this healing with you.

After my shamanic teachings I am grateful to combine the intuitive teachings with the cognitive scientifically teachings. Human Givens is teaching me how to heal through the science of the brain (which is remarkably similar to the shamanic practices). I am graduating as a psychotherapist in 2020. Trained in; depression, chronic anxiety, trauma, story telling, therapeutic language.

Being so blessed and grateful for all healing and teachings that I have received I now feel honored to guide women (and men) to their journey inwards.


If you are ready to explore the possibilities of us working together please check out the work that I offer.