"Alixe leading a circle manifests into love and light blanketing over the circle, making a safe space for sharing and opening up to purity and vulnerability. Each circle ! a true spiritual healing experience awakening the wisdom within each woman to light her inner way to an open heart and purpose." 

- Akvilla

"Alixe has shown to be a natural when it comes to healing. I came with some severe mental and physical blockage. She made me feel comfortable and safe. Was very accurate with her diagnose, healed me on the spot and gave me some great tools to maintain this state. Also important to mention is that she has the perfect balance between spirituality and the "real" world. Very grateful to have met this special person."

- Karl


"During my first Moon Ceremony I felt I had been traveling through time, where women would gather and share their knowledge. Alixe created a safe space where we all felt confident enough to let go and share on a different level, feeling the strong emanation of this incredible moon. All helped by the very natural way Alixe guided us through the process, with an impactful drum, chanting and remembering but most of all feeling, feeling the bigger picture around us elevating us up to higher realms and unknown places and spaces. To be repeated."

- Melanie