In a group we naturally mirror each other. We discover that we are all struggling with similar challenges, making it easier to work with them. We can be inspired and grow from each others wisdom and we can empower each other - we can lift each other up.


At the same time when working in a group we can get triggered. When in a safe container this is a beautiful opportunity to practice so this can triggle down in to the 'real' world. 


With the right guidance we can see our patterns. By acknowledging, accepting and truly love them, we teach our body and mind a new pattern match, one of love instead of fear or pain or insecurity – this gives space to be who we really are which is joyful, peaceful and loving.


For all of these reasons I love to work with groups.

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                                                  "Everything is more fun together"



I am not here to tell you what to do, I am here to hold a safe and sacred space so you can connect with your own true nature. Reconnecting with your wisdom, your own healing capabilities and to flow again with your intuition.